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I have installed the TabletAED trainer app but cannot start because the app is searching for devices with Bluetooth connectivity?

The TabletAED trainer works only in combination with the TabletAED remote. By connecting both apps via Bluetooth, you can use your smartphone as remote control to train several scenarios with the TabletAED trainer. The TabletAED remote can be installed for FREE on your smartphone. See instructions on this website under "How it works".

I have installed the TabletAED trainer app and the TabletAED remote app but cannot make Bluetooth connection?

Make sure Bluetooth connection on both devices is turned on and your device can be seen by other devices. IOS devices are automatically searching for devices with Bluetooth connection at startup of the AED trainer or remote. Select the found device and confirm the connection. Android devices should press on the tablet icon in the lower right of the remote screen or any button on the TabletAED remote app to start searching. Select the found device (your tablet) and confirm the connection. When Bluetooth connection is established it becomes visible on the TabletAED remote app.

How do I see when Bluetooth connection is established?

When Bluetooth connection is established you will see the Bluetooth icon is surrounded by signal icons on the remote screen. Also the name of the chosen TabletAED trainer becomes visible at the bottom of the remote screen. If no connection is established, a red diagonal line through the Bluetooth icon is displayed on the remote screen.

Do I need to make Bluetooth connection every time?

Once you close your TabletAED trainer app or your TabletAED remote app the Bluetooth connection will be lost. You have to establish Bluetooth connection again at start up. Reconnect between TabletAED remote app and the TabletAED trainer app.

Are there more languages available?

TabletAED wants to offer a wide range spoken instructions in different languages. New languages will be available in future updates. Under 'Available AEDs' on this website you can see which spoken languages are now available per AED trainer.

Are there more AED trainer brands available?

TabletAED wants to offer a wide range of AED trainers. New TabletAED trainers are communicated on this website. Under "Available AEDs' on this website you can see which AED trainers are now available and it’s spoken languages.

I am using the HTC smartphone and cannot make Bluetooth connection with my tablet?

HTC smartphones with Android <4 having Bluetooth connection issues please pair your devices manually before starting the apps using your device Bluetooth settings. HTC smartphone with Android >4 can make connection at start up.

I am using a phone with Android and the iPad with IOS, can i still make Bluetooth connection?

The TabletAED remote and TabletAED trainer app can only communicate with each other when they use the same operating system.

The app starts to flicker and is not responding?

This problem appears most of het times in Android. Android keeps apps running in the background. The reason why the TabletAED app starts to flicker is because your tablet is out of memory. If this appears, quit all running apps in the background using the system task manager.

My tablet is not compatible with this version of TabletAED?

TabletAED is made for 10 inch tablets. Do you have an 7 inch tablet or the iPad mini than it is possible you will see this message. Because of user benefits TabletAED wants to match the actual size of the AED trainer and conforms therefore the maximum screen size.